Yesu Matra (Only Jesus)

Yesu Matra (Only Jesus)

Acts 9:1-15

This morning, Young and I went to prayer walk at the Drum Castle Apartment area. It was nice weather. We found three Nepali women and children were outside out of their apartment. Young and I shared the Gospel, two of three women accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Amita, one of three Nepali ladies asked me when we die where to go. I answered the Bible teaches your soul returned to the Kingdom of Heaven and your job in the heaven is to worship and praise the Lord. How this things happen. The Bible said Yesu Matra (Only Jesus) can make it possible. 

On April 1, 2007, we are going to participate in the International Gospel festival. This is second time for us. We enjoyed this festival last year. Our worship minister, Samsonselvan is preparing this event very well. The title of this Hymn is Yesu Matra (Only Jesus). The contents of the Hymn are: I was in wrong way but now I am in right way because of only Jesus. I was Saul but now I am Paul. I was wicked but now I am humble. Halleluiah Halleluiah Halleluiah.

About 2000 years ago, Saul persecuted many Jewish Christians. Stephan, one of outstanding deacon at that time was stoned to death by Saul and his group. Saul was well educated and worshiped God but did not believe Jesus as son of God.

One day Saul was going to persecute the Christians in Damascus city; he heard the voice calling him Saul, Saul Saul. He asked him who are you. I am the Jesus whom you are persecuting. Then he fell down and lost his sight. His sight was restored by Ananiass hands on him sent by Jesus. After that, Saul acknowledges Jesus as the Messiah. He becomes a great apostle for Jesus. He wrote many Bibles and established historical Antioch church for the Gentiles.

His name has been changed from Saul to Paul. It is not important to change the name itself but his attitude toward Jesus who is Messiah was a greatest change. Even today many people who met the Jesus have been changed from wicked to humble.

Our worship minister, Selvam who believed Hinduism for many years but since he met Jesus, Jesus changed him to His servant. His name also has changed to Samson who was a spiritual and physically powerful man at the Old Testament generation.

I would like to make a conclusion. I was in wrong way but I am in right way because of only Jesus. I was wicked but I am humble because of only Jesus.

All of us must be humble to Jesus because He is our Messiah. He can change you to right relationship with God eternally through Jesus Christ.


   1. Since I believe Jesus, my personal character has been changed?
   2. Do I believe only Jesus can change me to be good person to God and men?
   3. Do you believe Jesus is God?

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