The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit
I preached the resurrection of Jesus Christ last
Easter Sunday. After his resurrection, Jesus appeared
to his disciples frequently for forty days and taught
them the kingdom of heaven. Jesus commanded that not
to leave Jerusalem until you will receive the Holy
Spirit that God promised. John the Baptist baptized
you with water but you will be baptized with the Holy
Spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will
receive power and you will be my witness in Jerusalem
, Judea and Samaria and the ends of the earth.
What is the Holy Spirit in Nepalese language? It is
Bobitdura Atma. The Holy Spirit is God and the Holy
Spirit leads you to Jesus, that is, when you repent of
your sins. This will lead to salvation. After that,
the Holy Spirit continues to make you a holy and
honest person. The Holy Spirit helps you understanding
the Bible. The Bible is the word of God. Therefore you
must have the Holy Spirit in you in order to
understand the Bible. The Holy Spirit provides you
with God's joy and peace.
That is why once you have the Holy Spirit then you are
a temple of God.
The Bible says that once you have the Holy Spirit then
Jesus said that you are my witness. 
There are some procedures to witness on behalf of
Jesus. First of all, once you become a Christian you
should bear witness about Jesus to your family, your
relatives and your community. The Baltimore area and
Northern Virginia, for example, are your next areas to
bear testimony and so is your country Nepal. You and I
should bear witness to the truth that Jesus is the son
of God, our savior from our sins and our Lord who
dwells in all believers. 
If you are truly Christian, there is some reason to
bear witness for Jesus because you have the Holy
Spirit that provides you with his power to bear
witness about Jesus to others.
Since I become a Christian, did I share the Jesus to
other people?
I will share Jesus to my family, relative and friends.
The author of the Acts of apostles is Luke who was a
medical doctor and also one of Saint Pauls followers.
Acts 1: 1-8


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